Thursday, 26 August 2010

An Introduction

Someone once told me that I am very organised.

This amused me greatly. I am terrifically disorganised. However, that doesn't really help to get stuff done, so I need to come up with strategies to compensate. Clearly they sometimes work well enough that I can pass for an organised person.

As well as being disorganised, I'm also fascinated with science, and in particular what an amateur can do. Someone working outside academia, with a minimum of resources, cash, time, and assistance, often working alone.

The combination of these two doesn't work well. I've got literally hundreds of half finished projects, experiments and ideas lying around in need of finishing.

So this is my strategy. I write a blog. Every month, I account for what I've been working on that month, in the hope that a deadline will force me to progress on a project. Even if I don't, I can then put it aside, and look at something new the following month.

I hope you enjoy the blog.

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